Cute Animal Stainless Steel Matt Water Bottle


These furry creatures are just too adorable and make for great water drinking companions on your reusable water bottle. With 12 animal designs, you can choose an adorable pink cat or a cheeky orange fox, or even a happy blue seal design. 


These friendly furries are perfectly suitable for adults and kids looking to stay hydrated. 


Our water bottles are made from stainless steel and hold 500ml of liquid. This bottle is available in four core colours: mint blue-green, pink, yellow and orange. Each animal is specified to a certain bottle colour.


Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Only


Diameter - 70mm, Height - 272mm

Cute Animal Matt Water Bottle

SKU: IG1103
Pick Your Animal
  • One Size

    Diameter - 70mm

    Height - 272mm

  • Hand Wash Only

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