Birth Month Flower Cushion 


Our beautifully designed range of birth month cushions are perfect personalised gifts featuring a dedicated birth flower of your choice.


This makes for a lovely gift for a cushion-addict, someone who loves to snuggle up and get cosy, or someone who enjoys a comfortable read. Not only that, but our cushions are ideal to spruce up your home furnishings whether sofa, armchair or bed.


What makes this cushion a thoughtful gift is the unique birth flower you can customise the pillowcase with, which have been exclusively drawn by our designer.


A lovely Mother’s Day gift, birthday or Christmas present that will allow the lucky recipient to snuggle up with as they seek comfort from a cosy cushion with their custom birth flower design.


Each month has a different birth flower associated with it along with what qualities are inherited from that month of birth:


  • January – Carnation – Devotion, Loyalty and Love
  • February – Viola – Virtue, Modesty and Humility
  • March – Daffodil – Rebirth, Faithfulness and Prosperity
  • April – Daisy – Purity, Innocence and Loyal Love
  • May – Hawthorn – Hope, Happiness and Protection
  • June – Rose – Beauty, Love and Honour
  • July – Water Lily – Purity, Divinity and Enlightenment
  • August – Gladiolus – Strength, Generosity and Integrity
  • September – Aster – Wisdom, Faith and Innocence
  • October – Cosmos – Peace, Tranquillity and Harmony
  • November – Chrysanthemums – Friendship, Joy and Happiness
  • December – Narcissus – Hope, Wealth and Good Fortune


This product comes complete with a cushion and printed cushion cover.


Fabric: Linen Effect 100% Polyester

Dimensions: 40 x 40cm

Birth Month Flower Cushion

SKU: IG1148
  • One Size: 40 x 40cm